Lovely hostel with comfy clean rooms, great staff, and fantastic location. The staff were absolutely lovely, really helpful and cheerful. There was one girl there with blue hair who was a joy to chat to, please tell her her enthusiasm didn't go unnoticed! Beds were thick and comfy, some of the best I've slept in in a hostel. The rooms were clean and bright, with big windows that opened wide. The pillow was a pretty thin, but i just popped my scarf under it when I slept and that was that problem solved. The rooms were really warm, I brought pretty heavy pajamas with me thinking it would be chilly and regretted it since I'm already a very warm sleeper. The rooms were very comfortable, not too hot, but by no means cold, but I did get a bit too hot at night. Just bring lighter pj's if you have the same problem as I do! Lockers in the rooms were big enough for a hand-luggage suitcase, with a shelf and space to hang clothes. If you have a big suitcase though it wont fit in, as they're quite slim. Rooms were pretty quiet too, hardly any outside noise when the door was closed. The hostel is right beside a stop for the U6 line, and the M5 which brings you to Alexanderplatz, which is super handy. The location is brilliant, you can get everywhere incredibly easily from the hostel. There are 2 places to the left and right that I found that were great for breakfast (La Femme and Karaca, both had great coffee). Further down the road to the left is a small supermarket, and if you explore around there's a lot of cafes, restaurants, and places to buy food.