I saw this place on hostel world, but because they just opened after renovations, they didn’t have many reviews. I stopped in to check it out before booking a room, but to make sure I felt good about it… and this hostel is great! Ok, entering for the first time feels a little weird? You go in a huge gate that looks like a circus, walk through what looks like will be an awesome patio in the summer, into a strange service hallway, and ring a bell. They talk to you over intercom, and buzz you in, and you go up to the third floor. Take the elevator when you’ve got your luggage, but later, make sure you take the stairs, because the art in the stairwells in amazing! They are massive prints from a show in the gallery downstairs, and they are beautiful and provocative.
The entire hostel has been redone. Obviously the building is amazingly old, it’s the oldest hostel in Berlin. But all new flooring, furniture, bathrooms, and windows have really updated it. The bunks are sturdy, and each, one has a light and an outlet at it. The rooms have lockers, and there is additional luggage storage behind the front desk. The sheets are way nicer than most hostels, and feel super clean. The bathrooms are small, and the and showers are the kind with a button you have to push every sixty seconds, but hey, it saves water, right? The only downside I felt was that there isn’t a kitchen, but in such an old place, you can see how adding one would have been way too much work. Maybe they could put a microwave in the lobby or something? I don’t know. I ate most meals at a cafe down the block about fifty meters, Karaca. They are great, too! The staff is super friendly and helpful. They chatted with me about all kinds of things, and were really kind. When you check in, not only do they hook you up with the internet, which works great, they also give you a cell phone number for a phone that a member of the staff always has on them. So, if you’re locked out, or someone is being weird in your room or whatever, you can call down to the staff instead of going to find someone. That’s really nice. Also, standard key card access, and security cameras, too. I felt really safe. The rooms on the fourth floor have beautiful sky lights, which I highly suggest opening for a minute to lean out and see the view. Also, pick a top bunk under them for a great view of the stars, planes, and satellites over Berlin, and a sunny wake up call. Since they just opened, most of the hostel isn’t booked. This means I had a room to myself, which was amazing! If you want a quiet place, this is great. If you’re looking to make new friends, I’d request to be put in a room with others. Sometimes there is music from parties downstairs, but it’s not loud enough to prevent sleeping. For photos, search their location on instagram, because myself and other guest have geotagged some things.